Version 3.0 (January 9 2004)

  • update New extended parser created, which allow to grammar writing in a more natural ways using EBNF notation. (SMS)
  • update Enable error token in production, which allow to control error recovery in the parser. (SMS)
  • update Add massive testcases to make sure that the parser works correct for certain situations. (SMS)

Version 2.1 (April 11 2003)

  • update Removed error method from the handler contract, and use a ProcessingException instead. (SMS)
  • update Moved all Cocoon components into the Apache Cocoon repository. (SMS)
  • update Made the parser table generation process faster. (SMS)
  • update Using a text XMLizer instead of a TextGenerator for the Cocoon examples. (SMS)

Version 2.0 (January 28 2003)

  • update Rewrite Ant task and Cocoon components. (SMS)
  • update Using Apache Forrest as documentation system. (SMS)
  • add Add JUnit testcases. (SMS)
  • update Make a clean separation of the lexer and the parser components. (SMS)

Version 1.3 (February 14 2003)

  • update Version 1.3 released (SMS)
  • update Redesign Cocoon components. (SMS)

Version 1.2 (April 22 2002)

  • update Version 1.2 released (SMS)
  • update Using Krysalis Centipede as build system. (SMS)
  • add Cocoon Components created. (SMS)
  • add Ant task created. (SMS)

Version 1.1 (February 26 2002)

  • update Version 1.1 released. (SMS)
  • add Created first version of the parser. (SMS)