Who we are

Stephan Michels
I was born 1975 in Berlin in Germany. At the age of 10, I get my first computer(C64), and my first software project was a AI system written in LISP. The AI was a long time my favourit theme.
At the highschool I went over to the PC. My first PC was an 8088 with a hercules graphic card with a amber coloured monitor. With the appearance of doom, 3D programming was my next favorite theme, so I learned Pascal, C and Forth. The highlight was a texture mapping algorithm written in assembler.
I begun my studies 1995 in chemistry at the technical unversity of Berlin.
In the first semesters at the university I learned to program microcontrollers, like the 8051. I designed diagnostic appliances for the analytic chemistry.
Later I spent many of my time for the quantum chemistry, and works in a sourceforge project called CDK. I wrote some applications to visualize Wavefunctions.
Than I designed applications for the nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR) in the workgroup of prof. Ziessow.
Currently I working as software developer for a big e-learning project from the FIZ-Chemie(http://www.fiz-chemie.de/).
by Stephan Michels